Monday, July 20, 2015

5 Tips About HTML5 That Can Change Your Life

World Wide Web has evolved a lot in the last two decades. Internet banking, online transactions, real-time video calling have made a big difference in our lifestyle. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) has re-defined the browser experience. The document based language has advanced to a new level in all these years. Today, we have listed 5 tips that will change your life and work around HTML. 

1. HTML5 : A New Langauge

HTML5 is the new iteration of all preceding HTML versions. HTML to HTML4.2 were based on document description language called SGML. It was developed by IBM in 1960s. The language has evolved to a new level in the last 50 years. HTML5 is a completely new language but, the code developed in earlier versions of HTML is still compatible with HTML5. 

2. New Browser

HTML5 is backward compatible. However, it does not support the browsers that were built for HTML4. You need to upgrade your browser to HTML5 compatible version.A Majority of latest browsers support HTML5 today. But, if your organisation is still using the machines with older version of browsers, you may not be able to browse HTML5 sites properly.

3. Video

Making a video is a painful task in a browser. HTML5 has changed this picture. There are many HTML5 plug-ins that simplify this task. In HTML5,a video is just a media type in the language itself. You can easily embed the video on your HTML5 page. Adding a video to your HTML5 front-end is as easy as including a static image in HTML4. 

4. Animation

The days when you had to develop animation in Adobe Flash or include blocks of code are over. With HTML5, you can include all the animation features and include animation in your page. It is also possible to embed 3D animation to your HTML5 page. Animation in HTML5 is sleeker and secure. Any browser that supports HTML5 can handle smooth animation effect.

5. Video-calling

Browser based video calling is a future of HTML5. HTML5 browsers are compatible to run animation. You can build video conferencing feature for your website with next generation protocol called WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication). HTML5 browser can leverage WebRTC in an advanced way. It’s a great addition for enterprise Web applications.